Who We Are

What does Verdient Foods do?
Verdient Foods was created to address the current and future global sustainable plant-based protein food demand and will operate using a state-of-the-art, food grade, pulse crop processing facility.
Plans for production capacity increases are already in place such that the production volumes are expected to increase to over 160,000 metric tons. Verdient Foods Inc. is developing additional product lines and products in conjunction with research being undertaken along with the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre (“Food Centre”). 

Ingredion has acquired Verdient Foods, Inc. 
This means that Verdient Foods will transition from being a joint venture to being completely owned by Ingredion. See the press release here. When added to Ingredion’s other production capabilities for plant proteins, Verdient will enable Ingredion to meet growing demand from North American food customers for proteins in flour, concentrate and isolate forms derived from peas, lentils, faba beans and other sources.

The Cameron Family

The Cameron Family, as growers, buyers and processors of organic food crops, will affect changes that are needed in current farming and industrial processes to make food production more sustainable and more profitable.

The aim is to acquire farm land, produce and purchase organically grown crops, add value to these crops using company operated processing facilities, and increase the level of value added products through partnership with various like-minded companies.

Jim Cameron 
About four years ago, director James Cameron began an all-plant based diet. A long-time environmental advocate, Jim made the change explicitly to help save the planet, namely by lowering his carbon footprint, but he also found that it also drastically improved his health.
Suzy Amis Cameron
The Camerons watched the documentary film “Forks Over Knives” and their understanding of healthy eating immediately shifted. After a complete change in diet to plant-based foods Suzy had another wake-up moment: Animal agriculture is a major factor in climate change, water and air pollution, biodiversity loss and deforestation. As a strong environmentalist, this knowledge made her more passionate than ever about a plant-based diet and actively sharing what they had learned with others.

Where is Verdient Foods located?
Verdient Foods is based in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan
Contact Information:       
Verdient Foods Inc., 1 Verdient Way, Vanscoy, SK S0L 3J0
PO Box 458, Vanscoy, SK S0L 3J0
Phone: 306-978-5353
Fax: 306-978-0144
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Why is Verdient Foods located in Vanscoy, SK?
Vanscoy, SK is in the heart of Saskatchewan’s pulse-crop production region.  A critical tenet of sustainable food production is proximity to producers. Verdient is further benefited by relationships with the Food Centre, the University of Saskatchewan and other global leaders in the agri-food industry.  
What is the size of Saskatchewan’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Industry?
Saskatchewan’s diverse agri-food sector is world-renowned for consistently supplying high-quality, agricultural food and ingredients. In 2016, Saskatchewan exported $14.4 billion CAD in agricultural products to countries around the world and is the leading global exporter (by value) of lentils ($2.075B CAD) and dry peas ($1.346B CAD).
Saskatchewan has 18.2 million hectares of cultivated farmland representing more than 40% of Canada’s total farmland. Extensive transportation infrastructure and irrigation capacity support the province’s agri-food sector.
How big is the Plant-Based food industry?
Global retail sales in 2016 from the plant-based food sector (excluding data from Whole Foods Market) exceeded $6 billion CAD with plant-based meat sales exceeding $730 million CAD.  The plant-based meat sector alone is projected to reach $6 billion CAD  by 2020.
What is Verdient Foods’ relationship with the Food Centre?
Verdient Foods and T Base 4, are very proud of its long-term relationship with the Food Centre.  T Base has made a significant, renewable long-term financial commitment to further expand the value-added capabilities of both the Food Centre and T Base’s agri-food investments around the globe. The Food Center is a non-profit organization, providing full service assistance to food processors wanting to add value to their products for domestic and/or international markets.

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